Friday, March 09, 2012

Craving FREE rotisserie chicken / Ziti, risotto, and Dr. Pepper

I woke up craving rotisserie chicken for some reason, but there's still cooked chicken and turkey in the freezer, not to mention the microwaveable meals. Maybe when I'm actually home again, haha! Jon thinks that Mom won't mind my using the food in the freezer since there's probably tons of food in there anyway - well, good. That's what I've been doing, hahaha. Watched SAY YES TO THE DRESS, heh. I wanted to go out and do some stuff, but also wanted to be home in time for the beloved weekly tradition - I ACCOMPLISHED MY GOALS! :D

Went to Save-On Foods at Terra Nova in the rain later. I got my rotisserie chicken for FREE by redeeming 4500 points, and also bought REAL GOURMET five-cheese chicken ziti / chicken penne Toscana / mushroom risotto / NEW Chips Ahoy Middles cookies (double chocolate / chocolate chip) / Oriental flavor instant noodles / Hot and Spicy Sapporo Ichiban noodles. Probably too much food, but I can always take some home next Saturday if I plan ahead enough - don't want my parents knowing how much crap I bought, haha. (as if the plastic bags won't be enough indication) Also went to the 7-11 to dispose of the chicken bones in their outside garbage can (bad, I know) and buy Dr. Pepper / ginger ale. That should be more than enough food for the next eight or nine days!

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