Sunday, March 04, 2012

Talia, CHRISTINE, DEXTER, Gollum, and Eric / 5-3 loss to Buffalo

Cody Hodgson was back in Vancouver tonight, but as a Sabre. Roberto Luongo got pulled early when it was 3-0 for Buffalo six minutes into the game, and he didn't look like he was playing well. Talked to James and Talia briefly about CHRISTINE by Stephen King / DEXTER / early 4 AM work training hours and other things while the game was going on, and my focus so wasn't there! The game turned out to be a 5-3 loss... *sigh* Later, I half-watched LOTR: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING and some TLC shows like DATELINE. I also talked to white Eric about stuff like Gollum / Dylan / Deb / worship ministry meetings / staying here tomorrow rather than facing the possibility of being stranded.

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