Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chocolate Candy Shop Blizzard for Miracle Treat Day / Singing Monkeys

Someone called from St. Paul's Hospital to see if Mom could work for someone; that's not going to work so well since she's in Russia at the moment, hahaha! Veronica reminded me about Dairy Queen's Miracle Treat Day, so I stopped in to get a Chocolate Candy Shop mini Blizzard. It was the smallest size available, and perfect for me. There was a lineup out the door! Called Jon later to figure stuff out: maybe Sunday afternoon will work for seeing Ayler! He did say he'd visited Grandma (where they're setting up for that 70s party), who apparently is having trouble swallowing. Maybe THAT'S why she spits out food these days...

There's a singing monkey at the Cream Puff Zoo!

In Magicant: "Whoa, those are some weird clothes you have on there. I bet you'll attract monsters dressed like that!"

Hey, it's the Flying Men of Magicant! They look like parrots!

"I'm a cat that swims in the ground."

"I bent my spoon and it's hard to use like this."

MOTHER 3: Lucas and Boney check the Ultimate Chimera in the Chimera Lab, and the game says "No problem here." Uh, it's going to kill the party if they touch it... there IS a problem! :P

If you guard against the Bonus Swoosh / Groucho, it'll greet everyone politely and leave, which makes your experience points from the fight come out to 72 instead of three.

Upon checking this dragon in the Magicant Crystal Cave: "The dragon is asleep. NINTEN can't wake it up just yet." Probably a good thing!

DRAGON QUEST 4 in Merrysville Elementary!

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