Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shrimp tacos, eating ATM card, Pretzel Crisps

I watched a movie called IN HER MOTHER'S FOOTSTEPS this afternoon - wow! Then I went out to haul a bunch of stuff home and do some banking before I met Chrystal at London Drugs. We had dinner at Boston Pizza; I had new shrimp tacos (Jamie and her friends put the idea in my head yesterday!), and she had her usual salad. Discussed Ayler not wanting people to leave him alone, heavy tanks, movies, Andrea's pregnancy, the nice weather, the Olympics, Nathan, my keeping in touch with people, friends, Micah, gelato, and more. When we went to the gelato place later, she had pink grapefruit sorbetto, and I had cappuccino cookie. After we went to the bakery (where I got a pineapple bun), we hit up Shoppers Drug Mart. I bought lobster noodles, kimchi noodles, six $1 Sidekicks since the sale expires in two days (Tomato Alfredo x2 / Garlic Alfredo Spaghetti x2 / Butter and Herb / Homestyle Cheddar), on-sale original Pretzel Crisps, and more. Decided not to get scones or Oreo Cakesters; Chrystal decided not to get any cookies or marshmallows since she had plenty at home. When I got back to the townhouse, I noted that C.J. of the Puckheads had added me. Also paid my Internet bill since I am responsible!

But Ninten WANTS to eat his ATM card in MOTHER 1... :(

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