Thursday, July 26, 2012

THIRD DEGREE BURN Habanero Doritos! / Maxim Lapierre / Refunds

Hahaha! Facebook just suggested that I add Maxim Lapierre. I discovered that I was probably overcharged last night at Shoppers Drug Mart on the SALE Sidekicks items! *grumble* I went back to the store, even though that meant getting dressed - at least I got my refund and bought the Tomato Alfredo back at $1 each! Then I got some laundry money at the bank from my change, and went to the 7-11 to price out some milk. Since I saw some Limited Edition THIRD DEGREE BURN Habanero Doritos chips, I had to get two because I'm a sucker for new flavors!

This monkey at the Cream Puff Zoo entrance just called me a big doo-doo head, Mommy!

In the church at the cemetery: Somehow, I don't think teaching the zombies about God will help them to become friendly!

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