Monday, July 23, 2012

Wheelchairs, Werther's, FFIV, Chinese Eric, and more!

Decided to visit Big G briefly today; she was engaged in cleaning her new wheelchair when I got there, and refused apples / oranges / even her beloved Werther's Originals candy! I got her to have one by unwrapping it first, because I wasn't going to feed it to her if I didn't have to! That visit made me sad, but at least I visited her! She also pretty much refused milk... *sigh*

Got home and FINALLY finished FINAL FANTASY IV ADVANCE again! Since I need a break from the FINAL FANTASY universe in general, I'll go play MOTHER / EARTHBOUND games instead! Chris Lam is emailing me some AWANA-related stuff yet again; whoops! Called Chinese Eric after FORREST GUMP finished on TV, and we managed to pack a lot into a ten-minute conversation: 160-Pound Scrotum Guy, TLC's weird TV shows, Jon and Harmony bringing baby Ayler to church for the first time yesterday, hanging out, relatives and family friends in town ("can I go now?!"), HOARDERS, hoodies, weekend plans, calling tomorrow night, eating dinner / doing stuff on the computer, Russia, and more. That was awesome! :D


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