Sunday, July 22, 2012

Baby Ayler's first church outing!

As I'd predicted to Eric, I was up with the sounds of the traffic and such from below at about 8. SLEEP DEBT, OH YES! That didn't mean that I'd feel fully awake when it came time for the special meeting at church, though. I delayed Eric a bit by looking for a suitable jacket and stuff, but we were on our way soon after 9:35. He thought - as usual - that I was drunk, so I said NO! We talked about Kevin / Randal / Geoffrey being at the Burnaby hiking outing yesterday, coaching soccer, traffic, construction, and more. During service, I read my bulletin; tickets for Phil's farewell lunch will only be on sale for three weeks, so I got mine TODAY from Christon after confirming that Eric would be going. Later, I talked to Amanda (who has a big gash on her head from falling on metal) / Jane / Tracy, and peeked in at a sleeping baby Rebecca. Jon and Harmony had actually made it to church with baby Ayler, so people looked in at him. He was waking up from sleep, which is cute! Talked to Frances, Micah ("Is that baby Ayler? He has small hair!"), Isaac, Karen, Lincoln, Brian, Stanley, Auntie Cathy, and Auntie Ying while telling the baby that the noise was okay. He seemed to be kind of interested in my "PRICE IS RIGHT" shirt because of the bright colors, haha. Jon said that they might drop by later, as they're going to her parents' place for dinner; if not, I'll call him on Tuesday! Gave the rest of my Brookside chocolates away to Hannah W. / Natalie W. / Gladys, plus the Chiclet / Dentyne gum and Lemonheads candy. I knew I'd find willing takers!

Saw Lanie, Danny, Jessie, new kids named Silas / Janelle / Haley (the last two were too young), Anastasia, Ashley, Natalie, Ramen, Shira, Mattias, David, and Evelyn at Toddler Sunday School; the floor had changed from white tile to hardwood in the last two weeks, Lanie told me. There were also new toys that parents had donated, she added - NICE! I comforted Ramen while his mom was out of the room with a baby, and confirmed that Mattias knew who I was. Later, Eric and Jon were going for Pho, but I decided to stay and eat (egg / ham / ham and cheese) sandwiches with fruit to save money. Of course, I donated some money for the freewill offering! I spilled my fruit cup in front of Mattias and Marcus; whoops! Discovered that my handbag had sustained fruit juice, so went to Superstore to see if they had any - nope, but I did get a farewell card with a sad dog on it for Phil / Grace / Micah, plus a green apple shampoo and conditioner! To thank Mattias for doing a good job of watching my stuff, I gave him a bunch of stickers. He really liked those (after he asked what I'd bought - I showed him), and told his mom Karen about it! Phil figured that I always had gifts for the kids - sometimes, yes! We discussed his own son Micah, Steveston, Pastor John, Karmie, housesitting, quorum, and more prior to going in for the meeting. (Stanley and Jon were playing jazz on the piano while Danny W. and Eric played with Mattias and Marcus)

During the meeting, I talked to Jeremy about a light popular novel, and discovered that I really didn't believe in certain things like overly religious prayer. Guess I'm not really that religious, haha! Turns out that I didn't need to be there, since there were 184 people in attendance, and Pastor Dan was called to serve us with a 94% YES approval rating. Eric said that there were two voting against, and four spoiled ballots, heh. Jeremy told me and Eric that Big G should choose the name since she named him and Eric, hahaha! ("Bearded Man / White Kid") Nope, she doesn't have a name for Pastor Bob! Auntie Anita told me that Andrea's going to be a mom in December, too. On the way home, we just listened to the news since there wasn't much to say. He tells me that Bible Study is on the agenda for Friday; yay. *sarcasm* Decided to see if laundering my bag would work... it works as a temporary fix, but the bottom is loose. Jon just called to see if there was any freezer space for their stuff; not really, since Mom always packs the freezer to the gills with things! "Why is Mom always doing that?!" - NO CLUE!

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