Saturday, July 28, 2012


Went to the hospital, and saw Auntie Kwai there with Cousin Lillian, whom I hadn't seen in YEARS! She quickly told me stuff about Grandma, and then said that she'll be here for a week. Her sister Yvonne landed here tonight with her husband William and daughter Andrea (they're staying with his family in Port Coquitlam), so I might be seeing them. Jon came by later, just in time for a CT scan on Grandma. We caught up with Lillian, who says her brother Aaron is working in Korea from Hong Kong; wow! Later, we received some bad news from the doctor - MALIGNANT BRAIN TUMOR?! That might explain why Grandma's been going downhill so quickly in the last month. Jon says that a lot of people at church know where Grandma is now, and we stayed with her for a few hours more. We answered everyone's questions as best we could, translated where needed (but Grandma was still confused!), and figured that our parents not talking was less important than this. Maybe if Uncle Michael and Mom are face to face, things will be better?

Jon says that he would email Steph and Lisa when he got home (it's easier for them to change their flight!), knows that Harmony understands his not being home to help take care of the baby, and was wondering whether he should let Mom and Dad know NOW or in a few days when they get back. We figured that we shouldn't ruin the cruise, and that any biopsy surgery might be traumatic for Big G. If the life expectancy is about three months at the most, then we need to stop being in denial pretty soon. Later, we told Grandma we'd be going - Lillian gave us rides home, but she and I stopped by the Korean BBQ place across from #9 to have some Korean noodles / rice / soup to eat first. She was at the hospital all day, and she'll pick me up tomorrow too. I got home to email Eric Ho FIRST / the BS group second, and the chair broke on me as I was sitting in it! Then I got a message from Teresa L. about whether I still talk to David S. - nope!

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