Tuesday, July 24, 2012

7-11, Michelina's POUND meals, BIG BANG THEORY, wonton

Went to the 7-11 this morning and got on-sale Michelina's POUND microwaveable meals ($4.99 each, but two for $7): lasagna with meat sauce, and macaroni with beef. Found a Meat Shoppe turkey meal with cranberry and sage back at the townhouse, plus wonton / oysters. HMM! On Facebook, Connie thanked me for my birthday wishes, and Farrah got back to me about the spam email from her Gmail account; damn hackers! I finally found some shampoo, conditioner, and body wash around here. Now I don't have to go back home to shower! Watched HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER / BIG BANG THEORY, too. Called Harmony to see what was going on tomorrow (not much), and update her on Big G even though she got my email.

Later, I called Chinese Eric since I said I would: we discussed Safeway runs while it wasn't so warm outside, Jon / Harmony / Ayler, the baby being curious and aware of bright colors, rescheduling hangouts, how my day was (Leonardo da Vinci and his historical times), his day and rest (good thing), exercise routines, health, Grandma / wheelchairs / walkers / mobility, feeling older ("uncles"!), and more. That was a great fifteen minutes! I definitely tell him a bit more than I did some time ago, which is always good. Jon called to discuss the toll that Hong Kong had put on Chinese Eric, health, visiting arrangements, plans, Big G, Friday perhaps working for baby, and some more things. It's probably a good thing I don't have anything to do till tomorrow evening, since I can do my banking via machines in the late afternoon!

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