Saturday, July 28, 2012

Healing power and authority? / Improvement

This morning, I got emails from white Eric and Raymond (of all the people) about yesterday's events. Also got an email from Mom - who doesn't know about things - opining yet again that she thinks Grandma just gave up since she doesn't want to live in a home. If only it were that simple... we know things that she doesn't. Replied to Raymond's email (who said "God has authority over all things, even tumors - witness my amazing healing from an old hand injury!"), and finally replied to Mandy's and Deb's to tell them about this.

Lillian came by at 10 from the mall where she was buying vouchers for her phone. Auntie Kwai had elected not to come today since she wasn't feeling well. We parked in the wrong spot; when we finally got to Grandma's room, she was sleeping quite soundly. After covering her up and talking to the doctor about yellow IV drips (folic acid and vitamins!), we tried waking her up. Eventually, she woke up. We tried feeding her a lot of orange Jello, water, and medicine. She seemed receptive to that; later, she recognized us after we told her to think about it, and talked louder than she has in a bit. Pastor Fulton, Auntie Teresa, Uncle Reuben, Auntie Christine, Mrs. Tung, Alan, Polly, Auntie May, and three church people whom I don't really know came and visited her, Jon came by after teaching violin, after William / my cousin Yvonne / their daughter Andrea came by. He joked that Andrea could have a birthday in the hospital after we found out that her birthday is next week. When she was out of the room, Yvonne cried a lot, and said that she didn't know how her dad would take it. Yeah, she also has no idea why our parents aren't speaking to each other.

After feeding her dinner, we decided to go for sushi at Kiyo. It wasn't too bad; Yvonne insisted on paying since we seldom see each other. Over rolls, cones, scallops, cold buckwheat noodles (soba), sashimi, rice, and more, we discussed Dairy Queen / a radio for Grandma / weird foods / tomorrow's plans / family updates / more stuff. Lillian figures we can transfer my stuff in the morning so we won't be tired later, which makes sense. I got home to do laundry, and talked some more to people. Too bad that Chinese Eric wasn't home when I called, since he's my rock - at least I emailed him yesterday! (also got an email from Christon about things)

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