Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mid-Autumn Festival, Havarti, mooncake, and plans

Mom said something about mooncake and Grandma in an email, so I had to call to see what was up. I told her that Uncle Michael had told me that they wouldn't be coming on Sunday, hahaha. She invited me to dinner tomorrow if I want to see Havarti / Steph, but I thankfully have pre-existing plans because of MY dinner. Also, she said something about the Mid-Autumn Festival and mooncake with Chinese ham in it. Hm... I got her to pick me up on Sunday afternoon, so Chinese Eric won't have to come out and meet me at a Skytrain station, or drive me home afterwards. He IS a good friend, but I won't take advantage of it.

Me: "Mom, I should tell you about this... *does so* " Mom: "CHEH! Of course you should tell me!" Me: "... I TOLD YOU, RIGHT NOW!" o_O

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