Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Poutine, Lindt chocolate, pub glasses, and Grandma

So much for not going out till Thursday - my laundry detergent cup is ruined after doing some laundry, so I had to get another one. Thank goodness I can shop on my OWN schedule! Found some pub glasses at London Drugs which were $1.20 each, so I bought four of them... good to have spares around, just in case! Also bought a 300g on-sale Lindt dark chocolate bar (the sale expires tomorrow), and some Ruffles sour cream and bacon chips. Then I went home to put it away before going out again for A&W poutine at the Richmond Centre food court - Troy Anthony is to blame for this, since he was posting pictures of said dish in Puckheads! Since I was out anyway, I decided to go see Grandma at Dogwood - I knew my mom would make a big deal out of my not coming today. I didn't go last Tuesday (but I went the next day!), and to hear her go on about it, it's like I never visited Grandma last week. *rage* When my parents offered to let me tag along for baby-minding, I said no. Then when my mom said I should call her if I needed a ride to the long-term care home tomorrow, I said I probably wouldn't be coming out. YAY FOR "ME" time, until the weekend anyway! They gave me some white nectarines for Uncle Michael and Aunt Leslie, plus measuring tape to size out Grandma's feet / shoes before they left.

Grandma thought I was Steph AGAIN, and wanted me to eat food there; no thanks! Uncle Michael offered me two throat lozenges and a banana, which I took. We talked about transit, Aaron coming in November, their not coming to Sunday's dinner since they needed to pack, the long days involved in driving from Burnaby to Dogwood and back again, China, cruising, the Blue Jays-Mariners game, a monkey in a classic movie, and more. It was nice to actually talk to him, heh. When I decided to leave at 6 after Grandma had finished her dinner, I had JUST missed the Cambie bus! On the way home, two stupid bicyclists didn't see me and almost ran me over! FUCK!

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