Thursday, September 13, 2012

People lining up to hang out with me?! GOOD FOR EGO!

Called Chinese Eric tonight, and we talked for a while before his mom had to use the phone. No big deal; I understand how these things work! I told him about thinking of post-dinner doings, Uncle Michael / Aunt Leslie not coming on Sunday since they need to pack, the weekend details, white Eric trying to get me out of the house on Friday (we'll see), Grandma, Mom being utterly exact (that's how parents are), and birthday doings. He HAD called me earlier to see whether I knew anything about white Eric and the football game on Saturday; nope, I don't know if he has tickets. Although if he DID, I would kill him since he said he'd go to my birthday dinner first! Then he asked whether I was surprised at Jeremy's news that Red Robin's is now closed down; you bet! He said that we'd all be like our parents in some way; probably true!

Says I can call him on Saturday if there are any more details, although it would be good if white Eric drove me since parking on Broadway on the weekends is a pain. He says that his sister has stuff to do on Saturday, so later DOES work out for him. That's what I was thinking, so we'll see. Eric thinks that people would line up to hang out with me, hahaha! Then I called Joey's, and it turns out that they don't take reservations from 6 to 9... apparently, we shouldn't have too much of a problem since they have a lot of dining space. I certainly HOPE not!

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