Sunday, September 09, 2012

No "me" time! / Randal, Cindy, Chrystal, and Dogwood

Mom called to say that we'd be having lunch with Uncle Michael and Aunt Leslie tomorrow since Jon wants to see them. Dammit, I had been looking forward to some "me" time! Oh well, maybe Tuesday... no, I can't just let it go! She said that Jon and Harmony have a baby exercise class, so I told her that it was important! Apparently, we're meeting them at Dogwood and driving them around again because they might get lost / not like driving, so I can already tell I'll get shoved into the middle seat. *sigh*

Randal emailed me to say he'd come on Saturday ("I'm free then, but I'll charge a fee for my servies thereafter"), and Cindy said that she was actually babysitting. I called Chrystal to see whether she was free that night, and she said that she could come after Awana, so that sounds good too.

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