Friday, September 14, 2012

NO SEQUENCE BREAKING FOR YOU! / Spirit channeler Tania

Can't sequence break in DRAGON QUEST VI, so have to replay the game again! I was just going to skip the boring Lifecod festival bit, thanks to the codes... and Photobucket is refusing to upload any pictures now!

Eric called at 5 to see if I'd arranged tickets with Chung... since I'd been feeling very anti-social then, no! I did ask him to drive me to Joey's tomorrow, and he jokingly said no. Same for when I asked him to do me another favor and remind people about the dinner. CRAZY!

Wow! The hero's sister Tania IS really a spirit channeler in Lifecod during the festival!

San Marino old man: "I am Sandy! Why have you come?" No, Sandy is your granddaughter!

Hey, there's a Vivian at the San Marino ship place! "You're adventurers? Have you met a travelling swordsman?" Nope, but we'll meet Terry soon at Arcbolt!

"HE we are. Welcome to the cape near Reidock"?!

Nun: "I'm wish" there was a way to help the Reidock King and Queen, who are both asleep...

Here's Iria with the party at the Amoru Cave!

Chancellor: "The King of Reidock is a woman?!"

Queen Shera with the party... a woman king, indeed!

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