Sunday, September 09, 2012

Red Robin's is CLOSED?! Joey's it is!

When Eric picked me up this morning, he was amazed that I was on time - ha ha ha. We talked about the news, my birthday dinner, DRAGON QUEST error messages, Hurricane Leslie (Dennis beat you to it!), and more. When we got to church, I sat near Jeremy and Christon, and we shared amusement over weird music and such in the service. Poor Stanley had to stand in for an absent Scripture reader, and Pastor Dan got excited over the strangest things! After service, I was exiting the sanctuary when that weird Native guy looked at me - I gave him my best "who the heck do you think YOU are?!" look, of course. (Eric got to hear plenty about this "social interaction" later!) Auntie Catherine wished me a happy birthday, so I thanked her; Pat overheard this, and echoed the wishes! I told Jeremy about my birthday plans, but he informed me that Red Robin's was CLOSED - WHAT THE. Lincoln later said that he'd seen the Metrotown location all torn up and under construction, so it must be true! Karen said to send her the details of whatever it ended up being; I also promised Jeremy, Christon, Kevin, and Randal some emails. Lincoln said that there was a Joey's on Broadway, which was like Red Robin's and the Cactus Club, so I said I'd look it up when I got to a computer. (I have, and it seems okay)

I saw Jon later talking to CHUCK, so I had to update the ugfart on everything related to Mom, family drama, Uncle Michael, Aunt Leslie, fighting for the bill, baby LAI-SEE, being HAK-HAI, and "Chinese conflict resolution - don't talk about it." At least they seemed okay with each other yesterday... though now Mom says there's no dinner since Aunt Leslie already made plans. Fine by me - more gaming and non-social time! Chatted to Andrea about pregnancy; they'll come back in February with the baby, heh. Saw Brian and Amy back from their wedding, and talked to Denise about my birthday plans; she's leaving for Hawaii tomorrow since she has to be in a wedding! I said hi to Deb and baby Declan, who was interested in my hat and the bling on my London Drugs shirt. Stanley was confusing Harrison and Amos by saying that he was three times their age, so I asked Harrison how old he was. Then I got him to add seven (his age) and seven, but he didn't know 14 plus seven! When I gave him the answer, he rushed upstairs to tell Amos, haha! Also talked to Gino and Quan briefly about origami paper cranes / Paper Craft / Joseph Wu, and asked Emily about Chrystal - not here today! Vivian told me about the BBQ on Friday, and wondered where I'd been - well, since Eric had to go do something, I wasn't there!

Went upstairs myself to find that Shira was the only person in Toddler Sunday School because David, Evelyn, Ashley, Anastasia, Ramen, and James have all gone to kindergarten! Natalie and Mattias arrived later, with a sleepy Marcus being outside. Talked about toy food, watermelon, light rice crackers, drawing, birds, trains, and more while I did tag prompts. Some of the older kids came in at the end: Jonathan (in Gr. 4), his sister Ashley, Ramen, Anastasia (with her dad Danny), Rachel (in Gr. 4, who hates running around Vancouver Christian School) and her grandma, Arthur, and Esther. When I got downstairs, I saw Sean (who's in Gr. 4) and his brother Ian, who's in Gr. 6 - these kids grow up fast, and I remember when they were babies! Eventually, I talked to Kevin and Christon about Saturday; Eric and I were out of there soon. (Hien and Julie said bye) Not for Pho with everyone else, but to go to the Canucks team store (by PNE / Playland) to see if he could exchange something. No dice there, but it was worth a shot. He said that he should have told me to get a ticket for Friday's dinner, so I should email Randal about it. Maybe I just won't go, is all... and he thinks I'll get Eric Ho to drive me on Saturday, haha. We'll see! Also talked about WINTER, Mantique, DUCK TALES for the NES, save states, no patience to restart a game from death, my being "drunk" or crazy, French "The Cheat is not dead!", and more.

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