Monday, September 10, 2012

DRAGON QUEST progress / Steve L. / Beefy Beef

I've finally progressed further in DRAGON QUEST VI than I did before the game originally froze on Thursday! :D I just hope it doesn't do that AGAIN... I'll be sure to save my SRM files just in case.

I sent Steve L. an email to wish him a happy early birthday; even though the time difference between here and Adelaide works in my favor, I still wanted to do so. I probably shouldn't be using Myles and Brittney's wedding as an excuse, but WHO KNOWS how busy I could be on that Saturday... o_O

The parents picked me up, and gave me a shortened pair of pants, plus some HELLO KITTY candy (which will be for the children), ready-to-eat pizza, and cooked chicken. Thank goodness I could put everything in the fridge and closet! We met up with Uncle Michael and Aunt Leslie at Dogwood; Grandma looked worse today, and Aunt thought someone had hung her! She did have a mark on her neck, but you never know! Of COURSE my mom had to make a big deal out of my sitting in the middle because of "being polite to guests"; no wonder I'm aggravated, since I'm sure she does it to annoy me! I do recognize my need for downtime, so I'm not leaving the apartment till at least Thursday! Grandma thought I was Steph, but it was okay. I picked up three more pairs of pants there.

We went to Beefy Beef for lunch; I had spicy noodles and shaved ice with lychee / coconut jelly / pudding. Also got to talk to baby Ayler, who was pretty active, and fussy if he didn't get to look out at the bright sunshine from the window. We went to Trafiq coffee shop while Jon and Harmony met up with Jeremy at Matchsticks coffee shop. I had a chocolate eclair, but no coffee. Jon wanted a ride to Richmond, so we had to stick around town for more than an hour after dropping Uncle and Aunt off at Dogwood. We went to Oakridge library, which was okay. I managed to see Jeremy at the coffee shop; he had received my email, and I'm pretty sure THIS restaurant (Joey's) is still open! He'd gone to Chinatown and the surrounding area, and noticed a bunch of places which weren't open anymore: "What? These things changed, and I didn't notice till now?!" The car ride home was filled with animal naming and such. Jon and I offered to pull Mom's whiskers out for her, but she wouldn't hear of it. I got home at 4:40, which was plenty good enough for me! (well, I wanted to be home an hour before, but it didn't happen)

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