Sunday, September 09, 2012

Emulator ERASING game?! / Teething baby winter dream

I was NOT FUCKING IMPRESSED that my ZSNES emulator decided to ERASE my DQ6 game... ugh! "Save State 0 Too Old" - damned error message! At this rate, I'll get to know the game up to Amoru Cave quite well, since this is the third time I'll have played it! Eric also got on MSN right when I was going to bed; he asked if I was going to church today... I guess so, since I'm awake AND have saved pasta. :P

I went to sleep and had a dream that Eric and I were buying chocolate wine for Phil, but we stopped off at a local school first. That school was in the middle of exercise drills, so Jamie Nivala led the entire student body up and down a bunch of stairs. We found out exactly what was going on as we were herded outside: there'd been a bomb threat called into the building, but it turned out to be nothing. My dreams aren't logical, since OUTSIDE is not a good place for that situation!

To celebrate our narrow escape, we had a bit of the chocolate wine, then hightailed it up into the mountains to pick up a bunch of people from a conference... they needed a break from their teething babies! Eric apparently knew a bunch of Chinese, and was practicing it with my parents in regard to a Veterans Displacement Centre we could see in the snow. This was the first time that my parents had seen that area in the wintertime, and the first time that I was up there with them in Eric's car! (in the dream world, I'd always been there in Eric's company, ranting at him about Mr. Creep all the way) We got to the conference centre and admired the bright yellow walls as a backdrop for colorful sports jerseys (which Phil also wanted), where baby Ayler was apparently teething at three or four months old! Amos was crying because he wanted to get away from David. Emily, Mike, Vernon, David M., and others were trying to entertain babies or calm them down; the older ones just wanted Vernon's chips and popcorn, while playing with the brightly-colored toys! We were playing "catch and release" with the toddlers in the first lane of a deserted highway when my alarm went off. o_O No idea what triggered that one - talking about the winter with Chinese Eric, maybe...

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