Saturday, April 21, 2012

Panties Soakers, NOT diaper covers! / Tsui Woo, last times, Superstore no tax

Since I got up at 11:15, I decided to go to Tsui Woo for the last time with my parents and grandma for lunch. Of course, we went with Alan and Polly! Mom thought that "diaper cover" was an acceptable name for "Panties soaker," which is what it was in the knitting pattern catalog - NO! Of course, she's been knitting a lot of stuff for the new baby! At lunch (ha-gow / eggplant things / noodles / all the usual), they discussed travel / NEXUS passes / Vegas / GOLDEN PHOENIX / Russia / China / Hong Kong / the playoffs / Bellis Fair / hockey news like Raffi Torres' 25-game suspension / the Bible Society / chicken feet / siu-mai / Steph (who is NOT Auntie Ying as Polly thought since their Chinese names are the same) / TVs / how long Tsui Woo had been in existence / Superstore's "no tax day" / Alan's iPhone and iPad / smartphones and apps and games / Awana / the news / cruises / Zellers / Auntie Catherine and Uncle Y.C. traveling a LOT this summer. Some of it was pretty boring even if I understood more than half of the discussion, but we also stayed an hour after eating. Oh well, at least Alan paid for the meal! An Xmas Belgium chocolate bear melted in the car, too!

Then we went to Superstore; Grandma wanted to buy pistachios, 1.1 kg of chocolate-covered almonds (which she later put back), Bartlett pears, ham, seven-grain honey and flax crackers, and apples. She thought she had enough cash, but didn't - Mom bumped into us at the cash register! We discussed Mattias, Marcus, money, a new CRAWFISH KING restaurant opening soon (which made me think of Jennifer L. - tehgreenfairy), and more on the way home. While doing laundry now, I'm reading about inbred royals like Charles II of Spain! Very interesting, haha.

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