Sunday, April 15, 2012

Metal Zombies tagging, 0-3 deficit, Quick crotch ground

Talked to James for a while, which was pretty good. Unfortunately, Dustin Brown opened the scoring (third period) in tonight's hockey game. Jonathan Quick is a machine... but Los Angeles won the game 1-0 to take a stranglehold 3-0 series lead, which means Vancouver could get swept by the EIGHTH-SEED team on Wednesday. UGH, I KNOW SOME PEOPLE FEEL BADLY! (Facebook is really the best real-time sadness reaction zone... Mike R., Nathan, Denise, Julie C., Rachel, Angela S., Sylver, and everyone else)

A humorous Tweet: Danielle Benson ‏ @daniellebenson
Jon be nimble, Jon be Quick, Jon won't be jumping over no candle stick because his crotch is glued to the ground. #NHLPlayoffs #LAKings

Metal Zombie Tagging:

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