Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Men's sweatshirts / Staving off elimination! / Money / Billie / Waiting rooms

Note to self: When buying sweatshirts from Sears in future, try the men's department. Thank goodness I got the last (dark grey) one which was on sale AND fit! (the women's department didn't have any more, although they used to carry them years ago according to a clerk)

When I got home, I threw away my stained sweatshirt and some unflattering brown pants from Mom. Also talked to Talia on AIM for a bit, while establishing that Billie and I can get together after she gets back from Jamaica. I assume Chinese Eric fell asleep or something, which is totally fine. Calling produced a beeping noise, so I guess it wasn't meant to be. I also had some idiot named Kyle block me on Facebook for correcting his spelling / typos; HAHAHAHA! Then again, I had to block an idiot named Patrick myself, who insisted he was a Canucks fan, but his wording and idiotic excuses for his stupid spelling (Facebook Mobile?) said otherwise.

The Pittsburgh and Philadelphia game was CRAZY: 10-3 for the Penguins, staving off their elimination! As for the Canucks game with the Kings, there was a penalty shot! Thank goodness the Canucks staved off their own elimination, winning 3-1! Chinese Eric just got on MSN to say that he'd tried calling me at 5 and 8:30 (yet my Caller ID shows no evidence of such - but does of a 10:08 call) because the hospital visit ran late and then he also had to do some testing! Yes, a sad emoticon was the best thing for those messages! Of course the mood was crappy in the hospital waiting room when it was 1-0 for Los Angeles. At least we tried calling each other! I'm not sure if Jeremy or my brother are doing anything for the game, but Eric and I can hang out at my place on Sunday for now. His phone went nuts this afternoon, and he's saving up for a new one; that COULD explain those beeping noises, haha. Now we're discussing the game, Roberto Luongo, the Florida Panthers, and more. Then white Eric got on MSN to ask about Friday's potluck - NOT GOING! :D

Called Mom to see when she'd meet with Steph and Lisa for dinner, but she said it was a Friday lunch before a wedding. Then Steph called me later to say that it was actually Thursday dinner, which led to my saying that someone should make up their minds over there! As long as I keep my phone on from 5:30 to 6-ish tomorrow, it should be fine if they pick me up! Probably a good thing that the plans got changed in view of my Friday tradition! With that in mind, I decided to put $100 (half of the $200 Vegas payment) in an envelope so I can at least give that to the lards tomorrow night.

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