Sunday, April 15, 2012

$100 bill, jellybeans, vodka, transitions, Philadephia, Pittsburgh, and new babies

When Eric picked me up this morning (after I discovered a stain on my sweatshirt which won't launder out - NEW ONE AHOY!), he joked around about my being "drunk" as per the usual, but he didn't know that the "buzzed" interpretation was actually true! I vented about Paul, and he said that nobody said I had to date him - well, thank goodness for THAT! He also wondered whether there was any progress on a certain front, so I updated him on things there; Eric also asked whether I'd watched any hockey games with Eric Ho. HAVE NOT - WE SHOULD! (perhaps I should call him tomorrow evening?) Eric thinks that Paul being away now doesn't give me a chance to forgive him - trust me, I won't do it in front of him since that'll give him a reason to do similar shit again. We also discussed the Fox, Blur, 90s music, my sleep issues, Christian music, Vegas, escalaphobia, Julie C., Friday's potluck at Pastor Bob's definitely interfering with the weekly tradition because it starts at 6:30, his selling points as to the age gap between Fellowship groups, and more.

I saw Grace, Micah, Winnie, and her kids Megan / Connor / Cameron. I'm aware that Winnie goes to Tenth now, but misses everyone at VCEFC too. Good thing I saw her! Pastor Bob started out his sermon with the tired lighthouse joke, and the whole thing turned out to be on conflict. As I thought, Eric later asked me whether I could apply any of it to Paul - escape?! NOT DENIAL. I was distracted by the kids, but that's okay - I might be more so that way in a short while myself! The sound was a bit off; later, Mike K. was telling me and Jessica that we should have had some black gospel music as a backing tape ("we need Whoopi Goldberg!"), and I suggested that we should have vocals and singers' projection lessons! Melia told me that she and Angus might make it to Steph's wedding in Vegas. Heard that Wes and Esther had a baby boy on the 9th, and that Edwin and Jane had a baby girl just yesterday! (called my sister to update her - we forgot what we put in that baby pool!) After service, I exchanged laid-back greetings with my brother, who said that last week's dinner was pretty good, and the next one might be soon. Dad asked where Harmony was, but she had just woken up; Mom wondered about that, but even *I* know that late pregnancy makes you tired! (and my sister-in-law DOES like her sleep!)

Talked to Gino about the potluck; he thinks I'd cook something, which is definitely unlikely! Asked Quan and Julie S. if they'd seen Julie C. - "in the sanctuary during service" doesn't help, man! Discussed stuff with Eric for a bit, then said hi to Lily / Victor / Amanda / Karen I. / a sleepy baby Marcus before going upstairs for Toddler Sunday School. Saw Jessie, her kids Ramen and Shira, Anastasia, her dad Danny, baby Natalie, a new kid named Karen, Wesley, Ada (who went to the older class), Mattias, David, Evelyn, and Rachel's grandma. (I gave out a bunch of jellybeans, chocolate coins / eggs, and Easter bunnies - Jessie said I was always so thoughtful) Said hi to Frances, her sons Micah and Isaac, and her sister Sophia as well before they left. Frances hasn't seen my parents at church in a while; that's funny since I'd just talked to them a few minutes beforehand! She also wondered when I'd talked to her husband Mel about THE HUNGER GAMES: it was a FB status, hahaha. Talked to the kids about going to the bathroom (EVERYONE WENT - I even went into the men's room!), Lego, toys, noises, throwing things, and more.

Went downstairs, saw Grandma, talked to one of her friends in English, got change for my $100 bill from Uncle Adrian, and assumed Eric had left already. Geoffrey was waiting around for Uncle Hansel, anyway. Finally saw Julie C., and gave her the huge Ziploc bag of candy - I told her to share it with her mom or her friends at school after she hugged me twice. ("Oh my God - Mom, look!") Margaret was bugging Rachel about the Easter candy I'd given her, too. Said hi to Sean and Ian, as well. I was about to call Eric on the upstairs phone when he came out of a room and saw me. On our way out, I saw Auntie Grace and Uncle George. Auntie Grace asked me when the baby was due, so I told her. SO NICE!

We went to Pho and ate lunch with Jeremy, Lesley, Ivan, Alan, Tracy, and Kevin. Discussed paella, Sunday Dinners, Joe and Helen doing the Sun Run together today (someone has to look after their kids Nathaniel and Abby, though!), Billy and Stella, proposals, rings (Lily and Lesley thought Stella didn't have a great boyfriend if he was asking her to pay for everything = not knowing about the ring in his money belt), getting robbed while traveling in Thailand / Europe / other places, Prince George, school, staying up till 4 AM, Christon, Amy, Paul, Alberta, and more. They talked about transitions, Sarah C. / Emily L. / Sam / Quan / Vania / Jen / Connie / Vivian L. / Harmony, age gaps, an IRON CHEF program, planning, lawyers, Brian, and such at their meeting while I focused on the crazy Pittsburgh-Philadelphia hockey game on TV. Later, Jeremy waited for Eric to give him a cheque. On the way home, Eric and I discussed my accidentally blocking Vicky (it IS awkward like Scott says, and not easy like he thinks!) / Jason / Friday's potluck / #4 and Alderbridge / sleeping / stickers with a TELUS calendar / $5 and Jon at the Hog Shack / gum / Vivian S. / Danielle moving and other topics. Got home and blogged some of this up before taking a much-needed nap! Good thing I got up before the game started, although I still do need sleep.

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