Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kikwis, terror, spam, QUIRKY lost, debit card payments

I discussed Steph and Lisa complementing each other as a couple / Internet stories / wedding excitement with Chinese Eric, and odd ZELDA characters (Kikwis that pretend to be plants and shake with terror) / CRACKED articles on Easter Eggs / fetus in fetu / burned dumplings in the microwave at midnight / some spam email (which he dealt with) with white Eric on MSN last night. Called the library today because I think I lost the QUIRKYALONE library book; thank goodness I can use my debit card to pay the cost of the book! Cash is... not an option at the moment, thanks to that trip. *sigh* Thank goodness I have two bank cards!

Since I might not have time tomorrow in between sleep and catching up and the weekly tradition (and the C94 never shows up on Saturday when I want to take it!), I decided to go this afternoon. Better that than to ask Steph and Lisa after dinner! Went to the library, where I saw a kid going around on a scooter. Paid the cost with a savings account, then got a Mother's Day card / on-sale (expiring tomorrow) Lindt "Little Desserts" milk chocolate bar (which I've never had before) at Shoppers Drug Mart while I was out. Got home and organized some of my greeting cards.

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