Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Becca, no travel-size pills, Russia, CHINESE ERIC and Game 4

Becca (orangeandblack) says that I should get a new travel-size bottle of melatonin (which the pharmacy next door or London Drugs does NOT have!) to avoid problems at the airport if I won't remember to get it at the airport shops. Probably a good idea; that way, I can also hopefully avoid ONE maternal meltdown! Honestly, I want to NOT be stressed out, although I know I will be because of THAT. Ugh. At least I called Mom to say I'd go - I have a feeling I'm signing myself up for horror, but we'll see. She says that when they go to Russia in June (with or without Uncle Y.C. and Auntie Catherine on a cruise), I'm welcome to stay at the townhouse. Good thing she's cooking chicken breasts and putting them in the freezer!

Also called Chinese Eric, but Auntie told me to use the house number. He ended up sleeping till about midnight yesterday, and figured he couldn't call me back then. Considering I called at 10:35 PM, meh... HE could have called me back whenever! Oh well, we now have "safer" plans for tomorrow's Game 4 which don't involve going to Jeremy's since I haven't heard anything that way! (I still love Jer in a friendly way, of course!) If he calls when he's finished with his doctor's appointment at the hospital in the afternoon to see whether the timing will be okay, this should be fine!

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