Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Alefgard Roasted Chicken / Sponge cake, Israel, and dwindling commitment

Hung out with Chrystal, meeting her at London Drugs like usual. We went to White Spot for dinner after I gave her that bag of chocolate and mints; we also looked at the cereal and chocolate options at London Drugs. I had Tuscan chicken pasta and most of the dulce de leche gelato, while she had a salad. Talked about Vegas, the differing weather, busy work / restaurant, what I did with Steph, Melia, Angus, getting along with Emily in short doses (like at the new hot pot restaurant for Chrystal's birthday), Emily and Mike perhaps having kids in future, Harmony's pregnancy (I'd be worried if it DIDN'T show by now!), TV shows, DANCING WITH THE STARS, THE HUNGER GAMES, movies, MARIO KART / video games, her resort trip to Mexico, her parents going to Hong Kong / mine going to Russia, and books.

Discussed our "bad" behaviors in planning to skip church / sermons / Fellowship (dwindling commitment - I can look after the baby!), Cindy's trip to Israel, and more. Afterwards, we checked out the nearby Asian bakery; we got three Chinese buns ([chocolate] sponge cake) because of a "buy two, get one free" special. Then we went our separate ways: I went to London Drugs first to get two noodle packs for use in hot and sour soup noodles later, on-sale melatonin just for my Vegas trip (DO NOT OPEN), three on-sale Wunderbars since Chrystal's never had any, and an iced tea. Got home and cleaned the microwave a little, found a notebook for my trip, and relaxed. I put the new melatonin bottle in a Ziploc bag, just to be even more on the safer side... hopefully, this is fine!

After you restore peace to Alefgard in DRAGON WARRIOR 1, this character comes to a decision about what to make for dinner... her famous roasted chicken!

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