Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Pastor Bob Canada divorce laws (dream)

I had a dream that Mom and I were taking a class at a local school; Harmony was going to join us, but she couldn't make it. Christon and others showed up with a bunch of food, and announced that Pastor Bob was leaving the church because he disagreed with the congregational committee's stance on Canada's divorce laws. Pastor Bob and his wife Amy were there to explain their views, but the first thing I thought was "GOOD! SERVICE WILL GET BACK TO NORMAL!" Then Jordan showed up, screaming about a dead body. It was true... Jason had died! Everyone else came from the gym bleachers to discuss these developments. The dream ended when people were writing things down on huge white sheets of paper. Triggers: talking to Christon about Pastor Bob on Sunday, Christon's "life timeline" exercise on Friday, seeing Jordan on Sunday, talking about pastors leaving the church on Friday, and Harmony not being able to make it to church on Sunday. WEIRD!

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