Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dream: Candy, Chrystal, Chinese Eric, and children

I ate some Tomato Alfredo for lunch; I haven't bought that stuff since November?! Also spent some time uploading some 2005 Alaska Cruise photos to Facebook, which meant that I had to tag others! (despite Billie telling me that she'd had a bunch of notifications) Had to restart FINAL FANTASY II: DAWN OF SOULS because of glitches, too - SO ANNOYING!

I dreamed of Chrystal handing out Halloween candy at church to a bunch of kids, and I was typing everything up on the church website. Chinese Eric was hanging around and interacting with the children while waiting for me to be finished so we could go to the fair. Interesting; I guess I really should call them both so I can get some FRIEND TIME in before Vegas, haha! I just hope Baby Dragon is born at some point, since I'm waiting for that to happen...

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