Sunday, May 06, 2012

Bizarro World church service? Not sure if I want this...

When Eric picked me up this morning, we discussed the usual subjects like my being "drunk." As non-religious as I might be these days, I have enough respect for that setting to NOT do that, thank you very much! He said that I was going insane, but I took exception to that. Talked about my Friday mistakes, our future plans, THE WALKING DEAD "zombie music," and more when we weren't just being quiet. When we got to church, I asked Edwin about Jane and baby Rebecca before he had to do Communion prep with Alan and Brian (but he did thank me for asking); asked Auntie Rebecca when she'd be leaving (there's a farewell dinner on Canada Day); said hi to Edmond and Alysia; and changed my seat to sit nearer to my friends. Jeremy updated me on Mark's new job on the Island, transportation, environmentalists, tanks, unusual work weeks, and more.

Church service was really BIZARRE! The order was all switched around and mixed up: the tithes and offering was SECOND, the announcements were in the middle, and the sermon / Communion were AT THE END. I made a note to ask Christon about this later, of course. Someone's cellphone kept going off, so Jeremy joked to me that we'd overlook such a minor offense (applying current sermon material on conflict!) - I had to tell him about Sophia and John's wedding, where one went off during the VOWS! Jeremy showed me his Bible's translation of the "speck in your eye" verse: "having a log in your eye" is even funnier! We also discussed Jon's picture in the bulletin: it COULD have been from before Jer met him!

After that descent into Bizarro World, I went to look for Grandma as I usually do. She wanted to know where I'd been (not there!), and accepted Auntie Paula's help of an arm to get her to church service. Went into the fellowship hall, where there were actually tables set up - FINALLY, AFTER THREE AND A HALF YEARS! Alan gave me a bunch of invitations for Jon / Harmony, my parents, and me to attend Eddie and Eunice's wedding in July. I talked to Andrew about his writing (DEATHS AND GENRE!), to Lincoln about Steveston, to Gino about Friday night / Facebook / rambling / the "different woman" Teresa / that Mafia game, to Sam about his Richmond job, to Emily L. about life and the Cattle Café picture, to Auntie Catherine about a future get-together with the kids, and to Hannah and Gavin about piggybacking. Also said hi to Mike K., David M., and Adam L. (Karen and her son Marcus were at the window - she says he loves stuffed animals, and calls them all "dogs," haha)

Saw Jessie (who'd assumed I just leave early all the time - I'll let her think that!), Shira, Ada, James, Mattias, Ashley, Ramen, Wesley, Emma, Denise, Lanie, Natalie, Danny, Jesse, and Anastasia in Toddler Sunday School. Gave Ashley and Jonathan their Easter candy, said hi to Natalie's mom / Auntie Bessy / Uncle Patrick when they came in, and played the role of "kiddy bathroom attendant" again with Mattias. Lifting him wasn't too bad, I guess. Discussed bread, rolls, toys, different types of food, coloring, buttons, water, and more. Looked for Eric later on, while Grandma asked if we'd be having lunch with them. Mom said that Auntie Anita had free Koinonia lunch tickets, so I bugged Eric about them when I did see him.

We ended up going to lunch and talking to Christon / Alan / Jeremy / Randal about the mixed-up weird service (maybe only on Communion Sundays?), ESC initiatives, church website meetings, BBQ food at Alan's, Jon's last-minute dinner, tongue and other ingredients, Canucks stuff on sale now (Harrison had something like that), the Alpha course, Mike T. and Emily C., cross-border shopping, and other religious stuff. On the way home, Eric and I discussed bestiary stuff / TROGDOR [HOMESTAR RUNNER] and LINK [ZELDA] references in DAWN OF SOULS / Van Halen / my not doing anything wrong / Pastor Bob having unfortunate initials / WORLD OF WARCRAFT stuff / effective ads for prostate cancer ("IT'S OUR TIME! .... to talk about it") and Teunis likely not wanting to pay attention to ads / spending time with people (TOO MUCH!) / my "non-existence." When I got home, I called both my siblings to update them on stuff, and got a ride from Steph for Thursday's dinner. Now, hopefully time for a nap!

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