Sunday, May 06, 2012

Berenstain bears ransacking, ASTERIX brawls, water all over, and bad James (nightmare)

I got up from a much-needed nap at 8:05. Good thing, too... this is what I remember from the nightmare:

* James told me what he had to tell me AGAIN (Damn subconscious hammering it into me... I GOT THE MESSAGE WHEN I GOT HOME, THANKS! I DON'T NEED IT AGAIN!)

* there was water all over the bathroom floor because the showerhead wouldn't work properly, and this was a problem which couldn't be solved since the toilet tank was somehow related to this (don't ask - I don't know)

* everyone was Berenstain Bears; Mama and Sister Bear ransacked the local fisherman's house looking for fish bones and beef (as proof that they were living beyond their means - they found out, and there was an ASTERIX-like village brawl)

* the purple stickers with googly eyes on the bedroom door were haunted

* Mother called to see if I wanted to pretend to be her for government documents starting at 10 AM, and she laughed about it!

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