Friday, May 11, 2012


Got up at about 8 because it was too sunny outside; discovered that Itamar had left a link to a BIG BANG THEORY scene on my wall, contending that SETTLERS OF CATAN was indeed geeky. WHAT DID I TELL YOU?! (penis jokes and "excessive" laughter aside...) Dad dropped off my purse at 11:15 this morning, so of course I had to thank him for doing that. Also got Steve L.'s contact info before he deactivated his FB account, so that's a good thing! Did a bunch of FB photo organization; Itamar and Jesse both said that everyone got notified of the time changes! SHIT, I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT THAT!

Decided to just "leave" ONTD by not having it on my page; if we can't have video game screencaps in a FREE-FOR-ALL post, then what CAN we have?! Those are some really crazy rules! No more "weekly tradition" for me! I'm sure Eric will be happy about that, haha. :P Besides, I haven't been feeling it lately.

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