Thursday, May 03, 2012

Impromptu dinner = noodle defeat, again!

Mom said that Grandma wasn't going for dinner, but she WAS enjoying fried rice instead! Jon and Harmony didn't go either since he has to teach till 8:30. Oh well, I decided to take a break from the uploading and go to the "imprompto" dinner at the Cattle Café, anyway. Discussed Nelson, Metrotown, the noodles defeating us, house prices, airlines, chicken wings, sweet potato noodles, spicy stuff (Lisa wouldn't be able to take my Szechuan bowl), Bryant and Shirley getting married in seven weeks or so, GREY'S ANATOMY, Eunice and Eddie getting married in a couple of months, Tracy, the new polymer bills, Auntie Gloria, curry fishballs, Uncle Stephen's son getting married around that time, colors (I dislike pink - Buffalo yarn sold by the Natives or no), new Surrey homicides, overtime, Ryan Getzlaf NOT being Ryan Kesler (Mom...), chicken eggs full of air, "people-movers" (which did NOT improve my mood), "connections," and more. Mom gave me a bunch of gummi candy, more socks, and other things.

These are the noodles which defeated me:

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