Sunday, April 29, 2012

Unaffordable things, DOODY, Taiwan, Western-style foods

On MSN, Eric M. asked if I were going to church tomorrow; once I heard about his "website / Fellowship meetings," I wasn't really interested since I CAN'T AFFORD TO EVEN JOIN THEM RIGHT NOW. Then he asked about my "date" (he's joking, I think?) with Chinese Eric last week, excluding the Canucks losing the game; HA HA HA. Diven suggested I could pack noodles for lunch, but I wasn't up for that, especially since I stayed up till 4 AM. He bid me goodnight and said he'd see me sometime: this is almost certain!

Later, Corey bugged me via Skype messages. "Doody" and "booger" had to be outdone on my part, so I went with "period blood," muhahahaha! He told me, "There's no need to be gross... I'm about to eat lunch. I'm waiting outside this Western-style restaurant to see if they actually know how to make American things or not... The English on the menu was definitely written by a native speaker, which is at least a good sign... that's unusual here." So I updated him briefly on Vegas / DRAGON QUEST V / TV Tropes. Hope the food's good!

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