Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Peanut butter on pancakes = yummy protein!

After I did a bunch of organizational work like new folders and such for my video game screenshots on the computer, I saw some email from Mom about dinner tomorrow near where Steph and Lisa live; I'm up for either sushi or curry at 6:30 for sure! She told me that Jessica, Karen Grace, and Erin are going to Vegas (which has expensive drinks) - thanks to Facebook, I'm well aware of that. Then she said she's signed up for Facebook Timeline, and asked me about it. Kill me now!

Steph called later, so I updated her on things. She thinks that I get certain things from Grandma, and I said that her being a "Truebain" doesn't automatically exclude her from other identities in life. Grandma just doesn't seem to be excited about the baby, but then that's because Mom isn't a SON or Uncle Michael. It's a cultural thing, like her NEVER preferring sushi! I decided to have peanut butter on my last pancakes for a snack; yummy protein!

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