Sunday, April 29, 2012

"JOY COOKIES!" / Meta DRAGON WARRIOR (game and enemy)

While I was buying and selling items in my game (am up to Faerie Village!), I talked to James about MORROWIND / SKYRIM / Youtube videos / Pokemon / VECTORMAN (a game from his childhood) / HIS "Dallas the person" (even though the ugfart and I never see or hear from Dallas Wu anymore) / FINAL FANTASY VI / dreams / more personal stuff. Always good talking to him! For some reason, Chantelle unfriended me on FB - okay, then. I hope that's not related to my wishing her a happy birthday a couple days ago! Also, I set some Turkey Bacon Club Crustinis to microwave for 3:30 AT 3:30. Love these quirky coincidences / synchronicity! :D

A walkthrough which is actually HELPFUL when it comes to the DRAGON QUEST V "mine cart" puzzle in the Cave to Zenithia Castle. I'd been about to ragequit the game!

Master Ludman of Salabona says "Joy cookies!" after the DRAGON QUEST V hero and his twin children defeat the demon Buorn in a jar:

Hey, there's an enemy called the DRAGON WARRIOR in DRAGON QUEST V! Yes, I know that's probably where the North American release of DRAGON QUEST 1 through 4 got their name, but I still find this "meta enemy" funny. :D

In Granvania Castle after you revive from being a statue for eight years, you can add humans to your party. Ruida (the Bunny Girl) has her own tavern, which is possibly a reference to Luisa's Eatery in Aliahan in DRAGON WARRIOR III. She has this to say when you're the only person in your party: "You're saying goodbye to... whom? You're sorta on your own right now..."

This is what Ruida says when you try leaving a monster companion with her:

At the same time, Monster Gramps (along with the Depository) is in the same area, allowing you to pick up / drop off any recruited monster companions you wish. This is what HE has to say when you're the only person in your party: "Right, so you want me to take care of you too? That's cute, but it's wrong!"

This is what happens when you try leaving a human companion with him:

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