Tuesday, May 01, 2012

VAGTABLE dumplings, Pocari Sweat, jellyfish, and Purdy's ice cream

I saw VAGTABLE dumplings at the store tonight! Called Steph to see if she and Lisa are actually going to dinner at Mom's on Thursday, as Mom had told me last night - along with stuff about Grandma's memory issues / money belts / Erin going to the wedding after all / Ben / deluxe hotel rooms / the bullion currency exchange shop near Moore's (which I saw tonight) / how I should get together romantically with Paul (NO!) or Mr. Creep (HELL NO!) or Chinese Eric. She said she was at work, so would call me later. ("most likely") While I was busy working on drafts for future entries, Vanessa unexpectedly called to say that she was in Richmond, and wanted to see if I wanted to go out for dinner. (she asked if I'd heard from Krista who could be visiting her parents, but I know nothing about that) I had literally JUST finished pouring water / soup base / oil into black garlic noodles, but was good to go with whatever we wanted. Not Pearl Castle since the mall could be closed, but maybe Specialty Chicken and Wonton House. Thank goodness I hadn't actually microwaved the noodles yet - I put the bowl in the fridge for tomorrow instead!

After she went to the bank and then to Popeye's for a container, we went to Specialty Chicken Noodle House. Talked about the treadmill, her new car, Teunis, Mr. Creep, Paul, Wayne, Purdy's ice cream, stupid idiots, Richmond, cupholders, her work, moving, the ferry terminal, ferry prices going up, Victoria, Save-On Foods, combo meals (which we ultimately decided against), spicy jellyfish, beef brisket noodles, prawn wonton noodles, gai-lan, tea, separate bills, Vegas, support, and more. I decided to go to Price Smart Foods with her; she was fascinated by the Asian section! Got (VAGTABLE / kimchi) dumplings, seven on-sale Sidekicks for $1 each (Chicken and Broccoli, Sour Cream and Chives, Stroganoff, Creamy Parmesan, Creamy Chicken Fusilli, Tri-Color Alfredo, and Tomato Alfredo), and on-sale peanut butter. She bought some coconut ice cream ($3) and one other thing she needed. We discussed hair dye, cakes, egg tarts, Calpico, Chevron, Pocky, potstickers, candied ginger, vanilla frozen yogurt, Pocari Sweat water, getting gas, and other things before she dropped me off. Now, back to work!

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