Friday, May 04, 2012

SETTLERS OF CATAN = half-hour videos!

Eric got on MSN to ask whether I were going tonight, so I told him to check his email since I actually responded to one of Christon's for once. He said that I didn't have to play SETTLERS OF CATAN if I didn't want to, but I did have to watch a 30-minute Youtube video (featuring Wil Wheaton) about the game. I was going to do the weekly tradition for all the 400+ screenshots, but stopped at 70 after people thought they'd report me or ban me. Meh, that takes the fun out of things. Then I answered about that many comments before figuring I should call Eric, but Veronica answered the phone instead, which made me nervous for some stupid reason. (LOSS OF CONTROL OR SCRIPT!) I can just imagine Eric's reaction if I tell him to tell his mother not to answer the phone when I call (which I wouldn't) - they have CALLER ID, for God's sake! - but that would be bad. Guess I am going... *stupid brain*

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