Thursday, May 03, 2012

TRIPLE OVERTIME / Project processes / Draining bank account

Last night, I tuned into the Capitals-Rangers triple overtime hockey game just in time to see Marian Gaborik's winning goal. Good timing, and I can definitely talk about that to Chinese Eric whenever I call him next! (or when he shows up on MSN, whatever works) Then I started the VERY LONG process of my next project; I might have to NOT catch up on certain things because of this! That's when you KNOW it's serious! o_O

Today, I read about perogies and wanted something similar, so I made dumplings instead. Ridiculously easy, as I was telling Chrissy. Then I was responsible and paid my phone bill, which predictably drained my bank account. It's not like I was planning to go anywhere this month ANYWAY - blasted trip! *grumble* (this FINAL FANTASY VI speedrun by EssentiaFour is providing my mood music for the project!)

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