Friday, September 21, 2012

GREEN DRAGON in Leesport / Cute nephew!

Got my 2013 bus pass application in the mail today; I guess that's as early as I got it last year. I found some class leveling codes for DRAGON QUEST 6, so that'll save me SOME time. Still need to actually level up the characters, though! Spent about seven hours doing the code thing; called Eric to see whether he was going to potluck / movies at Pastor Bob's tonight. Since he said he was at his cousin's, he wasn't attending. NICE! MORE TIME TO GAME IT UP! A sign that Julie S. found in Ephrata, a small town in Lancaster County in Pennsylvania: "GREEN DRAGON!" (where her friend Nikki was trying to sell homemade bows) My big baby nephew is almost four months old. In this picture, he's currently dressed in an outfit for a 12-month old, and a hat for a 3-6 year old. Granted, the hat's a little big... Here's Drago (another secret character) at the front of the wagon near Clear Vale! Terry at the front of the wagon - you can get him after defeating the DEMON KING Duran! At Luisa's Place, the hero can't leave himself behind! You can also choose to dismiss recruited monsters from your party entirely: they'll return to the wilderness of the world. "Who will take Unkel's equipment?" is not a YES / NO question!

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