Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fuskering, funny Adam / Andrew, LIFECOD DOUBLE HERO!

Apparently, the random characters at the end of Photobucket uploads are a way to prevent "fuskering," and are the default for all new uploads. HOW ANNOYING... TOO MANY CHANGES! Adam and Andrew wishing each other a happy birthday via FB still cracks me up after a few years. They still live in the same house, but technology is cool for that kind of thing! I love these twins, even if they DID start out by calling me "Lassie" when they were ten. Ah, memories! Bad mood all gone now. :D A cute "online friends" picture that Kitty found: There are TWO heroes in Lifecod?! The elder says, "Eh... huh?! The hero is TWO PEOPLE?! Completely identical! I must be dreaming..."

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