Sunday, September 16, 2012

ANGRY BIRDS / Musical HELP note!

Eric picked me up for church a little late, but that's how we roll. He still jokingly thought I was drunk from last night, but that so wasn't true! I asked him why he didn't SAY anything when he called to let me know he was here, but he was checking his tires since they sounded weird when going over the speed bump, and forgot that he had pressed the CALL button. Good, because I almost went all "Gordon Ramsay" on him like he said! Of course, I'd have to turn such a mode OFF when I got to church - and then Eric asked me WHY. Um, because Gordon Ramsay swears a lot at the contestants in HELL'S KITCHEN?! Got to church, and asked Jeremy where he'd been last night: seems the poor guy was exhausted after a long week, and was in bed. Of course I forgive him! :D

Talked to Auntie Allyn about Grandma, and said hi to Uncle Peter; he just got back from China! Said hi to Amanda when she wanted to see the cute kiddy presentation, of course. Talked to Andrew L. about last night, studying for midterms, studying in general while a friend's party at his place was going on below him (hearing laughter!), Thanksgiving weekend, weddings, "FML" situations (a HUGE midterm?!), and more. Auntie Ying and I agreed that we should get together - she did ask me about last night, then wished me a happy birthday. When I saw Auntie Catherine, she remembered that my birthday is tomorrow. I asked Geoffrey whether he got my email, and he said he forgot to reply! He did wish me a happy birthday, though - he'd been in Houston recently after Labor Day to spend time with his family, and gave me an update on his dad since he'd sent us some email about him. I congratulated Brian on his wedding while saying hi to Jane and baby Rebecca, then asked the ugfart where the baby was. He pointed upstairs, and mentioned that he still wanted to go to Fat Dragon. I suggested that we talk about it at the Kwong Chow dinner today since everyone would be there!

Talked to Auntie Doris about babies and the sleeping baby Declan for a while. After saying hi to Julie C. and Julie S., I went upstairs to see whether I could find baby Ayler. I found him under a rather colorful blanket which Mom had given him - he was awake and fed. Talked to him for a few minutes: "Hello, baby!" is getting a bit stale, haha. I should come up with more to say! When Jon and Harmony left, I said I'd see them tonight. At Toddler Sunday School, Shira and Evelyn tried a hula hoop... they seemed to be having fun after they colored!

David was building his house out of huge interlocking foam tiles as usual ("I don't need your help"), James was reading (he remembers who I am - and sat in my lap), and Ramen talked to me for approximately ten minutes about kindergarten / Sparks (Stanley is his leader) / (drawing) Angry Birds and pigs. His mom Jessie says that he had someone to talk to - yes, and I don't mind doing that! Eric came upstairs later to say he was leaving early, so I got him to help sharpen a pencil first. We discussed Friday's program (part 2 of the Dietrich Bonhoeffer movie at Pastor Bob's), DRAGON QUEST, music, bleeps and bloops, ZSNES erasing EVERYTHING, Ultimate, broccoli, ice cream, language, and more. I'll certainly get back to him!

Funny musical HELP note:

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