Sunday, September 16, 2012

Joey's on Broadway: Birthday Dinner #1

White Eric and I went to Joey's on Broadway for my birthday dinner! We discussed that Terry Fox run tomorrow, whether I was going to get drunk tonight, what I'd learned this afternoon (serial daters are BAD!), his mom's birthday brunch at the usual place (De Dutch), Chinese Eric and the BC Lions (I won't learn to be a football fan because of him!), Steph and Lisa's pottery gift being okay (as Steph had advised me this afternoon), belated birthday wishes from Steph, and more. When we finally found parking about a block away, we were walking by Loonie Plus when I thought I recognized Ed and Joan walking by. It was them, so we exchanged polite greetings. On Broadway, Chinese Eric came up to us and started talking about the football game which had just ended. Christon, Kevin, and Randal came a bit later, but we still had to be split into two tables! The chairs were a bit high - which white Eric was concerned about for me - but it was okay. Chinese Eric got me a $10 Karma Koin online gaming card; not because he was cheap, of course! (he wondered about the "money" email, but I said it was fine) Randal got me some fragile Chinese bowls, balls, and cool chopsticks... Christon simply got me a card, which is cool enough.

Talked about an online blog which Chinese Eric had read; seems this practicing Christian was doing porn on the side for money. Hey, I guess Christians do need cash as well. As Chinese Eric said, it's a good thing she wasn't a FULL-TIME Christian, but just practicing! I ended up ordering a double slush Long Island iced tea, and white Eric said that I *was* planning to get drunk! Oh, trust me - it may not be two rums or anything like that, but I would NOT "get drunk" and he knows it! Then he said "How about 'getting drunk' on the Spirit?" He knows that I haven't been that sort of person for years, either! (I allowed him to lead a prayer for the table, though) I ordered a steak and rainbow sushi, Chinese Eric had a California chicken burger (I had some of his fries), Randal had salmon, and white Eric had fish tacos. Discussed lottery winnings up front or in installments (the latter is better for money management), NHL video games, Team 1040 announcers, Giulio Caravetta, lockout possibility (for sure now), porn addiction, football, the Whitecaps, golf, baseball, soccer, Uncle Stephen / cancer / Randal's mom and her experience / chemo and its side-effects / "tingly" medicine, how Jon seemed to be settling into fatherhood (affectionate with the happy baby), Nathan / his mom / Ciel and Singapore / workaholic parents, Lisa / Harmony both disliking beer (but LOVING chocolate!), BIG weddings, and more.

I reminded Chinese Eric about tomorrow; yeah, 5:15 at Kwong Chow IS pretty early even for me, but we gotta keep baby Ayler's schedule in mind! Connie called Christon to see if she could get me on the phone; since his phone is easier to use than white Eric's, I was actually able to hear most of what she said in the restaurant noise! She wished me a happy birthday, at least - I knew she might not be able to make it because of babysitting! (probably Winnie's kids) I talked to Christon and Kevin for a bit about Steph, Lisa, Grandma, how I've been, true crime books, sugary Italian doughnuts with lemon, and more. Randal offered to buy me a chocolate soufflé so our table could share - okay, sure! On the way home, Eric said that he had the fun responsibility of doing sound tomorrow. Since I wasn't sure if I was still really buzzed or not - I thought the tile floor at the restaurant was steps for some reason - so I said that I wasn't THAT drunk! After that got sorted out, Eric still thought I'd be drunk tomorrow... I DON'T THINK SO! Also discussed true crime, HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF, death threats, and more. Good times with good true friends, for sure!

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