Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kwong Chow: Birthday Dinner #2

My parents picked me up to go to Kwong Chow, and we were there on time. Harmony, Ayler, Chinese Eric, Steph, and Lisa were there already! (Jon arrived later, from Ultimate) We had DOU MEW, ribs, beef, spicy prawns, and much more for dinner while discussing (crying) baby Ayler, sports, Manchester United, Portland, Copa Café coupons, Myles' wedding, FAT DRAGON, MOOSE POO paper, Ultimate, drooling, mini-peppers and spices, housing, Joey's, Steph not being impressed that she and Lisa weren't invited this year (they couldn't make it last year...), trips down to see a Mariners game right before Myles' wedding, and more. The parents and I went to Dogwood to see if we could have mooncake with Grandma, but she was sleeping. We said hi, and then left. Got home at about 7:30, which was good... it gave me time to do a bunch of editing!

Mom and Dad gave me Dempster's multigrain bread, skull mouse pad, skull notebooks x3, skull pen, skull memo pad, skull "poptical illusion" pen, Kwong Chow dinner, Toasted Coconut / Cashew Cadbury chocolate bar, Borders magnetic bookmarks x4, skulls bag, Japanese seaweed, sports socks x3, sapphire angel, panties x 10, "Love bites!" notebook, Guinness Book of Superstunts and Staggering Statistics, Judy Moody "mood journal," cooked pizza, toilet paper x12, voodoo doll keychains x2, and a card for my birthday. Interesting! I'd do a running tally of birthday wishes, but I'll just wait till the big BIRTHDAY WISHES post... less time-consuming work that way. :D

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