Monday, September 17, 2012

Cactus Club soy Dijon salmon: Birthday Dinner #3 of 3

Some guy in a black SUV honked at me this evening while I was walking to the bus stop. It's not like I suddenly have "it," whatever that may be, so I don't know what to make of that. (no, I don't know any white guy professionals) Also, two people were polite and let me get on the bus first when I was just going to wait. Interesting...

Chrystal and I met each other at London Drugs, and we updated each other on life stuff like Facebook. She said she didn't mind taking transit, but it would take a while to get to the Keg near Ironwood AND get back! Instead, we walked to the Cactus Club since it wasn't TOO far away. Discussed soy Dijon salmon, salad, barley, mashed potatoes, Awana being hectic on Saturday, Grandma, registration / buying new handbooks / 40 T&T clubbers, Chris Lam being really dedicated, Danny also being an intern, Trinity / ACTS Seminary / Regent / UBC / SERVANTS, Emily and Mike going to Hong Kong with her parents, Havarti, Ayler, Yahoo News / Youtube, my birthday dinners, going for gelato / to Shoppers later, Stanley looking for guitar students to teach, and more. We both get sick of things (cereal / crackers...) if we have them TOO MUCH!

Went to Amato Gelato afterwards; she had strawberry gelato, while I had black forest gelato. Of course, I thanked her for dinner and ice cream! Then we went to Shoppers Drug Mart, where she thought I could go home because it was getting dark: nah, I was good for now! (but in a couple of months, I may not be...) I saw a sale on Chewy Chips Ahoy which expired TODAY: $1.79 is even cheaper than $2, so I insisted on buying her a box. I bought two for myself, as well as some wasabi edamame. (Japanese soybeans) Got home by 8:30, which is totally fine. :D

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