Friday, April 27, 2012

70 TV Tropes tabs, Ryan, Chuck, Siobhan, Chinese Eric, and crushed feelings

Ryan said hi to me via FB message; good to hear from him! Chuck also sent me a FB message, thanking me for my "happy birthday" wishes. Then Siobhan sent me a FB message with her home and work addresses since I said that I'd picked up some Canucks lip balm for her; Billie LIKED that, hahaha! Later, I got to talk to Chinese Eric via MSN; I was patient and could wait three hours or so for him to respond to my initial message about Vegas. ;) Talked about the second-round playoff match-ups, my telling him about the trip later (of COURSE he will be told the INTERESTING things!), the racist Boston fans / teenage boys, a Blues-Flyers match being strange for the playoffs, the Senators being out (no Canadian team can win the Stanley Cup this year!), and our crushed feelings about the Canucks being out of the running.

I got rid of all my TV Tropes tabs (more than 70?!) because Firefox annoyingly refused to recognize them as valid ones upon restart, instead classifying them as "New Tabs." That's one way to do it before the weekly tradition tomorrow, but I'd rather not have them gone... (however, they did cause the browser / computer to freeze...)

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