Friday, April 27, 2012

Carlos, religious commercials, PARKS AND RECREATION character, Ziploc bag paranoia

Carlos Mendoza (one of Chrissy's friends) wanted to add me, presumably because I said I wasn't wearing any pants in her status update which stated that SHE was wearing pants, so goodnight. I don't THINK so!

I was paranoid and put EVERYTHING in Ziploc bags for the Vegas trip: lip balm, hand cream, hand sanitizer, and pink Excel gum. You never know with airport security! I'm also getting annoyed at these commercials for the community church in the High Desert on 106.5 the Fox! Ugh, religion on the radio?! What if you're currently not too religious or not keen on the idea of organized religion? I guess it's the same thing, or similar. Bleh. Yes, I understand that a church is part of its community, but SEPARATION is needed! *grumble*

The manliest man of them all, you are Ron motherf#*$ing Swanson.

Never seen PARKS AND RECREATION myself.

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