Wednesday, April 25, 2012

BAGS RIPPING / Unopened packages / Heavy apple juice

After having some dumplings for breakfast and getting sucked into TV Tropes, I went out in the rain to do some banking (got $60 for parental Vegas funds), get mango BBT from Big Orange, and buy iced tea / pink Excel gum (one new pack for my trip, and one for myself) / lotion (new George's moist hand cream) / light bulbs (four packs) / a Canucks NHL lip balm thing for Siobhan / new hand sanitizer for my trip / two on-sale lip balms for my trip (security can't say anything if it's in an unopened package, can they?) / on-sale apple juice at London Drugs. It was uneventful except for a cute teen smiling at me while I was on my way to London Drugs from the bank, a cute little red-haired girl on the bus who reminded me of Anne of Green Gables, and MY DAMNED BAG STRAPS RIPPING WHEN I GOT OFF THE BUS! Ugh, now I have to get new ones next month or so! That also meant I had to carry the heavy thing home - at least a guy asked me whether I'd gotten the bag okay, but still. Blah!

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