Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DRAGON QUEST birth storyline in dreams!

I was responsible and paid the hydro / Internet bills just now. Now, time to do some banking! (I will NOT go shopping... I will NOT go shopping... well, except maybe noodles, gum, lotion, and light bulbs...)

I had a weird dream in which I was fairly pregnant and walking down a neon-covered gambling strip with friends. When I wanted to buy some chicken from a roadside stand, my friends said that they wanted to buy jumbo cookies. We bought everything we wanted, and then continued down the road where we were met with protestors on opposite sides of an issue. Men were waving signs around that proclaimed their right to make educational decisions, while women wanted a school to stay open. After ducking into a mall for a while, we came across another pregnant woman who was about to give birth, but she couldn't rest. The dream ended when we were assisting the woman to rest in a hotel room.

Triggers: buying meat from Granville Island the day of Dawn and Eni's wedding, Wendy's FB status updates about a school local to her named Prince Phillip / protesting its closing, Harmony's pregnancy, Vegas, sleeping at inns during gameplay, and my current DRAGON QUEST 5 storyline where Bianca is forced to rest in Granvania Castle because she'll give birth to twins soon. I named mine Palom and Porom for the FINAL FANTASY IV flavor, haha. I hope the next part of the storyline isn't in my dreams: I don't know what I'll do if I dream of actually giving birth to a prince and a princess, and fighting monsters / Chancellors!

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