Sunday, April 22, 2012

Parents NOT KNOWING my birthdate?! / CHINESE ERIC!

Dad called to confirm my birthdate - shouldn't he KNOW this stuff?! FAIL on his part! I called Steph later to tell her about this; apparently, Dad heard Mom say the wrong date (a day before) when she didn't, and they were stressed about it. They also called Steph twice when I didn't initially answer, but she was at work and didn't pick up. Aiya! 99.3 the Fox also experienced audio problems and distortion at around 9:15, so I turned it off. Non-junky and non-distorted music, BEGONE!

I also called Chinese Eric - game tomorrow! - but Auntie said that he was out picking up some food for dinner. Oh well. Later (since I really had to hear from him), I called again; I'm sure Auntie told him to call me back, but he didn't! I said that I wasn't going anywhere tomorrow (need to save the money I don't have), so it should be good if he calls before arriving here at 5 or shortly beforehand! Of course, I think about dinner NOW - I'll figure that out when he calls, I guess.

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