Friday, August 24, 2012

Stancia rendezvous / Gardenbur / Traveling merchant armies

Just discovered the start of redrum... and I thought that smell was interesting, not the HARBINGER OF RED DOOM!

"La, di, la... your beautiful face, reflecting on [Stancia] water..."

"Excuse me... EXCUSE ME! We're having a rendezvous! Don't intrude!" HAHAHAHA! Oh, Stancia...

Taloon can call for reinforcements in battle, which consist of a traveling merchant army appearing out of nowhere and attacking the enemy!

Taloon can also sing a lullaby to try making the enemy sleep...

This is the only man living in Gardenbur Castle, in the House of Healing! "You envy me, don't you?"

The Gardenbur castle jail guard will miss us... what is she saying?!

We can make the Colossus south of Riverton move!

Hey, the Colossus can transport us across water so we can get to Dire Palace!

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