Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jambalaya fettuccini, Kirin, Sabrina, LOTR, and birthdays

I got out on time to meet Chrystal at London Drugs, but I just missed both the 401 and 407! We talked about her having Chinese food tomorrow, Boston Pizza, salad, jambalaya fettuccini, paying for ourselves, Emily, Mike, barbecues, the park, Chinese Eric, baby Ayler, her seeing Nathan / Daniel / Michelle / Maddie at Kirin, Phil's farewell on Sunday, Facebook, LOTR not being a ripoff of HARRY POTTER, her parents going back to Hong Kong for a month in September, Harmony / Holly / Myles / Brittney, her seeing Sabrina at the Skytrain station twice this week, Cindy and her birthday, birthdays in general, Pastor Bob, Grandma, and other life stuff. It was good, even if I wanted to go home almost immediately afterwards!

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